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High Flyin’ Eatin’: The Best Last Hunt Of The Year…Ever!

Back from one trip to the west, a different twist to another hunting trip and a willing appetite got me back on the road again for one last shot at Iowa roosters.

Riverside, Iowa – When you’ve chased as many wild rooster pheasants as my son Matt and I have over the years, it’s pretty apparent…it’s what we love.

Good shotguns.  Good friends.  Good dogs.  Good shooting, and a good evening by the fire at the Highland Hideaway Lodge here in Riverside, Iowa this weekend to bid a fond closure to another year.

But always…I want one more good hunt, and one more different experience, to finish the hunting season.  That’s what I was looking for earlier this fall when I invited Bill Glover to accompany me, Matt, and Press Pros sponsor Jim Hemmelgarn, from Sidney, Ohio on my traditional holiday hunt at the Highlands Lodge in Riverside, Iowa.

Who is Bill Glover, you ask?  And why him, specifically?  Wait til you hear. READ MORE…

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