Hunting Preserve Land

Land and Grounds

Let’s face it. A hunting preserve is all about the land. At Highland Hideaway Hunting we have some of the best preserve land & pheasant hunting in Iowa.  We have over 1500 acres of meticulously managed and maintained preserve hunting land available for your hunt.  You can be sure that you will have plenty of high quality pheasant and chukar that will be flying hard and keeping you on your toes!

We’ve worked hard to well diversify the land and habitat to benefit both the hunter and the prey.  We have multiple CRP plots, hedgerows, creek bottom, corn fields, and several other ideal habitat scenarios scattered throughout the hunting preserve.

Also found in one of our many fields is our sporting clay course.  We have weaved the course in and out of many unique habitat scenarious giving you one of the newest, most diverse, and most realistic sporting clay courses in Iowa.  You’ll have a great time shooting the course in CRP, creek bottoms, hedgerows, over trees, or across one of the many ponds.

We spend countless hours throughout the year working to establish new habitat & maintain the existing.  As long as we ensure that we have the highest quality habitat we can provide a strong basis for future development.  We employ several methods to manage our ground & control predators.

Whatever your pleasure may be, you can be sure that Highland Hideaway Hunting has the preserve land to suit your needs.  We recognize that different hunters desire different habitat scenarios and we have worked hard to provide them.