Dog Food Products & Supplies at Highland

We feed and recommend Kinetic Performance Dog Food products.

For the convenience of our employees, guides and customers, we stock Kinetic products for sale.

Listed below are the products and prices.

Kinetic Dog Food Logo

Kinetic Dog Food

Kinetic Dog Food Pricing

  • Kinetic Active 26K (35 lbs) – $43.50 per bag
  • Kinetic Puppy 28K (35 lbs) – $43.50 per bag
  • Kinetic Power 30K (35 lbs) – $43.50 per bag
  • Kinetic Ultra 32K (35 lbs) – $43.50 per bag

Kinetic Dog Supplements Pricing

  • Kinetic Hydro 30K (5 lbs) – $39.99 per jar
  • Kinetic Bios 36K (4 lbs) – $39.99 per jar
  • Kinetic Mass 34K (4 lbs) – $44.99 per jar

Bulk Orders Available

We also offer discounts on bulk orders of 10 bags or more with advance orders.

Due to limited inventory space, all bulk orders must be placed one week in advance.

Ask us about our bulk discounts.