BUTCH HARTMAN of Wilton, Iowa

Wanted to thank you and your staff for a great hunt for my sons, grandsons, and myself. It took us a little while to learn the lay of the land, but now that we know, it will be much easier to hunt the next time, and there will be a next time. Plan to look into a membership for next year. Thanks again for a very enjoyable morning.


GLENN LIBBY of Heath, Ohio

Ryan, Your place is awesome. I do not to want to take away from all the many good things but your birds are the closest to the real deal with wild birds as I have ever seen. The birds saw the video and knew how to turn on the jets and fly. I saw some very good shooters get humbled more than once. Everything went perfect. Thanks again.


CORY RICE of Lagro, Indiana

This was our second year hunting at Highland. We had an awesome time. Great hunting, birds flushed like wild ones. The lodging and meals were great for our group. Steve Ries from Top Gun Kennels is an awesome guide, some of the best dogs we’ve hunted with. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a great Iowa hunt.


R.P. of Phoenix, AZ

Just got back from an extended weekend hunt at Highland Hideaway and could not be happier with the place. We stayed a the lodge and the accommodations, while not The Ritz, was very clean and comfortable. Being able to walk in from the field and up to your room was such a convenience. The staff (Ron, Ryan, and Jason) are awesome. They even picked me up from the Cedar Rapids Airport so I didn’t have to rent a car! As far as the hunting goes, you’d be very hard pressed to tell the difference between these birds and wild birds. Beats South Dakota any day. The fields are enormous and the cover varies nicely. Give this place a shot and you’ll be happy you did!



As I look back at the earlier testimonials I have written re: my experience at Highland Hunting, I start sounding like a broken record. There is good reason for that. Ryan, Ron, Jason and crew keep doing an outstanding job and keep doing it better. There is no part of what they offer that is anything less than excellent – the lodging, the food, the fields, the friends (both old and new) make this the very best I have ever experienced. This year, without question, the birds were the best I have ever seen in almost 20 years of Midwest pheasant hunting. The cocks were big, mature, long-tailed boys that ran like blazes and forced you and your dogs to work hard for the flush. The hens went out of the fencerows and thickets like grouse. I can’t imagine a better place to give a bird dog, pup or veteran, an unbeatable experience. Ron, Ryan and Jason are real pros at what they do, as well as the friendliest, most flexible, most accommodating hosts with whom I have ever had the pleasure of staying. I know we will be back.


AARON HUTCHISON of Rogers, Arkansas

This was my first pheasant hunting trip, and I (and our group) had a blast. Excellent hunting over skilled dogs, and a great guide that was entertaining as well as helpful. I think the cooking and down time at the lodge was as good as the hunting; I couldn’t get over how good each meal was. You guys really take care of folks and I look forward to seeing you again! Thanks!


PETE EARDLEY of Grand Rapids, Michigan

We had an excellent experience at Highland Hideaway. Ten family members including 6 kids spent 3 nights and 2 days afield at this wonderful Hunting club. The food, accommodations, terrain, guides, dogs, staff and birds were all great. 7 of our 10 hunters had never bagged a pheasant and each harvested their first bird and had multiple opportunities throughout the trip. I would highly recommend this lodge for both novice and experienced hunters alike! Great job Ryan and Ron.


STEVE HARTKEMEYER of Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Ron, Ryan & Staff, Thanks again for an absolutely wonderful time. Your friendship and attention to each and every detail make our annual visit to HH a most fantastic experience. I have been coming to Highland for the past seven years and have had a great time each and every year. Just when I think they have reached their limit on hospitality, they up the ante. Everything from the accommodations to the quality hunts exceeded expectations. The food is absolutely to die for and the guide service will bring you lifelong friendships. I would and have recommended Highland Hunting to many and always try to convince my friends to join me in one SUPERB adventure at Highland Hideaway Hunting, and several have. They always come away with a positive experience.


DARYL PEARSON of Springville, IA

All I can say is AWESOME! This was an incredible experience with great people, food, and most of all ROOSTERS! This was a company outing that I invited 8 of our customers to for a 4 day hunt, and it was GREAT. Ron, Ryan and all of the staff were great people. This was all of our first time to hunt here. We had taken the same trip in years past and went to SD, but never again will we go there. This is a trip of a lifetime. I can’t say enough about how well the birds were. It was just as good as hunting real birds. The lodge was very well kept and comfortable for all of us. Ron is also a great cook. We will be back again next year, and also throughout the year. Thanks again for the GREAT time had by me and all of my customers.


STEVE HARTKEMEYER of Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Once again Highland Hunting and crew outdid themselves with beautiful weather, great accommodations and food, absolutely awesome hunting (2 hunters, 3 days, 72 birds in the bag) I cannot say enough about how much fun it is to visit our Iowa friends each year…this is my 5th year in a row and I am already looking forward to next year. My Yellow Lab, Maggie & I consider Ron, Ryan & staff to be like members of our family as that is what you can expect when paying them a visit. Words cannot express our gratitude for their down home Midwestern Hospitality. The hunting, although awesome, takes a backseat to the friendly atmosphere you can expect to encounter when booking a hunt with Highland Hunting. Be prepared to make lifelong friends and to shoot a few birds along the way. I would highly recommend that you take advantage of their excellent guides and their dogs to capture the ultimate in Iowa Pheasant hunting. Wes Boothe and his Vizslas are a true work of art to see in action and if you can handle the verbal good natured ribbing from Wes about your shooting abilities you will have a hunt of a lifetime. Highland Hideaway Rocks!


TINA RIES of Monticello, IA

My son is 24 years old – he loves the pheasant hunting sport – he loves watching the dogs in action. He also has special needs and will probably never shoot a gun besides a BB Gun. We called and requested a tour for our son, Billy, not sure if it was an option for someone who has special needs. Billy’s and our experience with Highland Hideaway was exceptional! Billy experienced for the 1st time a real dog retrieving a real pheasant back to HIM for the 1st time and 7 times in one morning! I was not there but everyone who was there with my son, and my son as well, have said nothing but good things about that morning. When I called to talk to Ryan initially to make sure he understood Billy’s needs he was open minded, understanding and accommodating. I know this will be an annual event for my son. I know I want to go with him next time!



2012 was my second year at Highland and this time I brought 3 friends who had hunted in Iowa with me many times in the past but couldn’t make it last year when I first discovered this great spot. This year was actually a better experience than last year and last year was great! All of us and our dogs were welcomed by Ryan and Ron like we were family. The place was clean as a whistle and our accommodations could not have been better. Even though we got in rather late in the afternoon, Ron had a great meal ready for us. They even took our group, as their guests, to a community dinner at the VFW in Riverside where we met more very friendly Iowa folks. Ron’s meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner were all first-rate. The upstairs living area was perfect and comfortable and when it was time for Steeler football, the big screen and the lounge chairs downstairs were ready for us. The birds and the shooting was outstanding. The fields were well maintained and, while you had to hunt, the birds were there to be found. If you have a bird dog that needs to get its nose into bird scent to improve, I cannot imagine a better place to come to. I have a 9 year old Brittany who always does well. But the difference in him between the first day in Highland’s fields and the fifth day is amazing. I can’t think of a better place for a pup or young dog to learn what this bird hunting business is all about. I recommend Highland Hideaway Hunting unreservedly.


CALVIN MCBRIDE of Toddville, Iowa

Highland Hideaway Hunting is the best! I have been pheasant hunting in the past and was never able to have any success until I went to Highland. I went down with some buddies and was able to get my first pheasant and chukar along with 3 other pheasants. When we got there they served us a fantastic lunch. There were tons of pheasants to shoot at too. This place is great. I would recommend Highland to everyone.



Our experience at Highland Hideaway was second to none in every aspect. We had an exceptional hunt and enjoyed the beautiful landscape and great staff. Ryan and Ron had great accommodations and a delicious lunch spread. The numerous food plots around the fields add to our hunting experience. We will surely return in the future and suggest Highland Hideaway to friends and family alike.


CECIL BALLARD of Marion, Iowa

I have had the opportunity to make numerous hunts at the Highland Hideaway Hunting Preserve. Each experience has been challenging and rewarding. The entire program is first class and professional in every aspect. Ryan and Ron along with their staff of expert guides see to it that you and your hunting party enjoy Iowa pheasant hunting at its best. I am already looking forward to my next hunt. If you are looking for a quality pheasant hunt, first class facilities, a great staff of professional guides, and a lot of smiles to go around then I suggest you talk to Ryan and book a hunt today. Cecil Ballard–Baptist Pastor.


DON HILL of Jackson, MO

Just returned today from a Sat, Sun hunt at the club. Ryan and staff did a great job and the hunt was excellent, food was good. It has been a while (20 years) since I hunted pheasants in Nebraska and I can say, this is really hunting, nothing like the jokes you hear from your buddies when you say preserve. First pheasant hunt for my son and I can say this was a great place for us to spend time together. We had Wes as a guide, top notch and his dogs work hard (look better also :)). I recommend you book a guide. The other group that hunted Sun also had a guide and were bragging how good their hunt was also. The whole gang treated us like we had been friends for many years. We will be back.


STEVE HARTKEMEYER of Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Once again Highland Hunting outdid themselves! I brought 4 hunters from South Georgia with me this year that have hunted birds all over the world and didn’t know how they would react to Midwestern bird hunting but the Ron, Ryan and staff didn’t let us down. “Fantastic, Can’t wait to come back” were just a few of the comments I heard from the guys in explaining to me their Highland Hunting experience. Wes Boothe was definitely the “stand-up comic” when it comes to guides. He alone made our trip a most memorable experience even though he hunts with “tail-less dogs” (Inside Joke). Once again, thanks to all for another wonderful hunt and fantastic hospitality. We would highly recommend Highland Hunting to any and all.


TJ RIES of Coggon, IA

The Highland Hunt Club is an excellent place to take clients for a great hunting experience. The accommodations are great, and the upland hunting is second to none.


ROB HANRAHAN of Corbin, Kentucky

The entire operation is first class! The lodge was great, food was great, the guides and dogs were great. Ron and Ryan really have their act together. Can’t wait till next year!


BILL CAMMARATA of Sewickley , PA

This was my 15th year hunting pheasants at Iowa preserves, first time at Highland Hideaway. I will be back. Ron and Ryan gave my friend and I (and our dogs) a very warm welcome and we felt at home from the first minute. The living accommodations were great – comfortable and very, very clean. At the end of a long day in the field, a hot shower with plenty of water in a spotless shower stall is hard to beat. Plenty of sofas and soft recliners, big screen TVs and a wood stove for cold days really add to the home-like feel. The food was outstanding – hot cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners at every meal – no cold lunch-meat sandwiches at this place! Ron knows how to feed hunters. The smoked Iowa pork chops are off the page! Now to the important part. I have never hunted at a preserve that bird cover as varied and wild. The food plots were thick with heavy milo and fox grass. Big fields of brown grass and deep ravines that birds love to go into to get out of the wind. Ponds and reeds, pampas grass and thick brush. It was tough hunting but it was rewarding. There were plenty of birds and they were all big, with long tails and were very hard, fast flyers. I recommend this place unreservedly.


TIM WESTERCAMP of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

By far the best hunting place I have been to in Iowa. It is exactly like hunting wild birds. Very fair chase & not a canned hunt at all. Dog work (pointers) is phenomenal. The guide has no more idea where the birds are than you do (unlike some other places.) Great cleaning facilities and a first class operation all the way!



Highland Hunting has always been a super place to hunt. They are fun friendly and have always been faithful sponsors and contributors to our Youth Outdoors Day for our kids programs. The staff are always very friendly and bend over backwards to make sure we have a good hunt and a fun time on their sporting clays range. They are super guys to deal with. Cliff Wilson, DMC-PF President


JOHN MCGRANE of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Highland Hideaway, for me, has become synonymous with “an oasis”. The excellent facilities, the beautiful rolling landscape, and all the wonderful friends I’ve met. Highland Hunting is the complete package. The complete getaway.


PHILLIP CLOUSE of Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

I am a novice hunter at best, just starting this year and my second Pheasant Hunting experience being at Highland. I was lucky enough to be with experienced bird hunters, and had the treat of hunting with 5 amazing dogs. 2 Czech Poodle Pointers, and 3 short hairs. Needless to say the hunt was like a palestian wedding… Birds flying, or running in every direction.. I literally shot a full 25 box of shells, and came out with one bird… (every shot safe of course) at least I’m going with this story… Loved the experience the people, the food… and the hunt…!


ED KEMPF of Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Is it October 1st and you and your dog can’t wait until the end of the month to get on some birds? Are you having some friends or relatives in for the weekend and they don’t want to spring 90 bucks for an Iowa Hunting License? Plus then you have to find a Landowner who will let you roll in with 3 cars and 5 guys? How hard is that? And then you may or may not get some shooting. How about taking a kid hunting where he will see some birds and get some shots off ? And then after January 10 how about extending the season by almost 3 full months? That’s when Highland is at its best – after the Wild Season ends on those perfect Iowa weather days when it is so much fun to be outside and you just have to go hunting. Highland isn’t the answer to everything but it is the answer to all these problems. An added plus is you always get to deal with people you know – Ron, Ryan or Kate will be around to provide great hospitality and service for you and your guests. After a great hunt be sure to warm up around my old woodstove which will most likely be burning on cold days when you get back to The Lodge.


JEFF VAN BUREN of Champaign, Illinois 

We have been coming out for about 5 years and keep coming back. Have had 5 different guides and 10 different dogs and all were quite good. Ron and Ryan make you feel at home and we always have a lot of fun. Whether you are an experienced hunter or brand new, Highland will be a rewarding experience for you.


WESLEY BOOTHE of Swisher, Iowa 

I have been chasing ringnecks around Iowa for 30years and was somewhat skeptical when invited to hunt on a preserve. I had heard others describe how preserve hunts were somewhat like shooting butterflies. I am here to tell you that may be true at some other preserves, but NOT at Highland Hideaway Hunting! This is as close to wild bird hunting as it gets! These birds are strong flyers and plenty wily enough to humble even an experienced hunter. From the hunt to the sporting clays course (the best I have been on) down to the cleaning facility, the lodge and the meals, these guys do not miss a thing. Highland Hideaway Hunting is a MUST visit for any hunter/shooter of any skill level. Come see Ron, Ryan and Kate and become part of their Highland family!



My dad came in from Wyoming and we had a quality morning hunt, can’t say enough about the terrain and the set up in general, a beautiful place. I plan on returning and taking others in town for a good day of pheasant hunting. Thanks a million!


STEVE HARTKEMEYER of Jacksonville Beach, Florida

What a fantastic experience! The hunting was first class all the way. Our guide Blake Boyd & his wonderful “family” of pointers were a real pleasure to watch in action. Everything about Highland Hunting exceeded our expectations. Ryan, Ron & staff are the ultimate hosts in every way….we couldn’t have felt more at home if we had been sitting in our own living rooms. I highly recommend Highland Hunting for the ultimate in Midwestern upland bird hunting and down home Iowa hospitality at its very best.


DEBBIE LOETZ of Michigan City, Indiana 

The entire hunt was first class! The lodge was great, food was wonderful, the guide (Matt) and dogs were awesome, Ron & Ryan are really good people. Thanks to Matt for the great hunt, and everyone involved in making our stay at the lodge comfortable. Definitely would do this again.


LEE KOSMEN of Schaumburg, Illinois 

Our group has been hunting at Oakwood Hunting Resort (Sigourney, Ia.) for many years until recently when they closed. This year our group decided to try Highland Hideaway Hunting Resort and were pleasantly surprised at the exceptional accommodations, gourmet country style cuisine, and the fantastic hunting (great birds). Ryan & Ron are top drawer and exceeded all our expectations. We will definitely be back again next year. Thanks for great time we had.


JOE KOSINA of Springfield, Missouri 

We have been to a number of clubs and the overall experience at Highland Hideaway could not have been better, from the fields to the birds. It was the first time we were there and it felt like we were visiting old friends. Thanks again for a great trip.


ALAN MURRAY of Supply, NC 

Great hunt, great accommodations, first rate and looking forward to a return trip.


RICK RUDD of Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

I have been a Member for over 3 years here at have to say that Ryan and Ron offer a one-of-a-kind experience. When I show up with Customers and Friends they treat all like Family. Every single person that I have taken there has had a amazing time. I have hunted more than 25 times there and have never felt that I was on a Game Farm. I have tried over 6 different Game Farms and found this to be hands down the best in Iowa! You can’t go wrong it’s more than worth the trip. Thanks again for a Great (snow filled) Season.


DOUGLAS KELLY of Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

We had our company outing here. It was great! They looked after all our needs and treated us like royalty! I would highly recommend them for company outings.