Following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to assist you in preparing for your booking.


What do I need for a Hunting License?

Anyone born after 1972 will need their hunter education #, a SS# and drivers license to obtain a valid Iowa hunting license if you are going into the Iowa DNR system for the first time.  If you have had a valid Iowa hunting license in the past you will need to present your birth day and either your Iowa DNR customer #, or the last 4 of your SS#.

If you are a non-resident or someone that only plans to hunt on a licensed hunting preserve during the season, you will only need to purchase an Iowa preserve license and habitat fee.

If you are a resident or non-resident of Iowa and you have never completed hunter education, you are allowed to obtain a license that allows you to hunt with someone that a valid Iowa hunting license.  The Iowa DNR label this license as an “Apprentice license”, and it allows you to hunt for that season.  However you can only get this license twice before they will then require you to have your hunter education.

To help speed up the check in process you can log into the Iowa DNR website and create your profile.  You do not need to purchase any license at this time, however it just helps speed it up at check in.

To create a profile, if you do not already have one, click on this link: Iowa DNR


What are the cost for the hunt and other accommodations?

All of our rates can be found by going to our web site and viewing our rates page.  You can Click Here to view the current day rates page.


What time is check in?

  • AM hunts start at 8AM-12PM
  • PM hunts start 12:30PM – 4:30PM

Please be here 30 minutes before your hunt time.


Is it Roosters only?

On a licensed hunting preserve in Iowa you can harvest Hens and Roosters.


Is there a bird limit?

Each day rate or custom outing will have a set limit for that set up.  However, you can always harvest above your limit for an additional cost of $30 per pheasant and $15 per chukar.


What is the average gratuity for the guides and Highland staff?

The per person gratuity is roughly an average of $25/$30 per person on a half day outing, and $35/$40 per person on a full day hunt. Please keep in mind these are averages and that larger outings/group events with higher bird limits gratuities can be higher and definitely appreciated.  Highland staff which would include cooks, greeters and all staff typically an average of $50/$75 per day to be divided among the staff.  As always we truly appreciate your business and all of us here enjoy the opportunity to accommodate your group. We look forward to serving all of our customers and enjoy seeing everyone having a great time at Highland Hunting.


Do you ever mix any groups?

We accommodate individual hunters to large group events.  No groups are ever mixed and every field has a buffer field separating each area from other hunters.


Are dogs allowed in the lodge?

Dogs are allowed in the lodge but have to be kenneled at all times other than when let outside.  We also ask all of our guest to clean up after their dog, we have a waste station right outside the front door for your use. We do not allow dogs to roam freely among the lodge at any time.  As it may be your dog and friendly one at that, we nor do other guests know this.  There are too many other dogs, customers, variables, and new changes for the dog’s environment that we do not want to set them up for failure.  Because of this we do not want to risk any unforeseen chances so all dogs must remain in their kennels when in the building.


Do you need a guide to hunt or can you bring your own dogs?

Your dogs are most definitely welcome and if you have your own you can either hunt with your own dogs or get a guide as well.  If you do not have any dogs or only 1 we highly recommend getting a guide to better your experience.  We manage our habitat to withstand natures elements and last throughout the season, which creates some dense conditions during the early part of the season.


What do I need to wear for blaze orange?

Iowa DNR requires a minimum of 50% of an article of clothing for upland hunting.  We require everyone to have at minimum a blaze orange hat, and any other article of clothing they have that has blaze orange.